In 2018, TIN would execute his first Pride Festival tour consisting of eight shows across the UK and one in Denmark. Soon after, he released his music video for Don't Say His Name, garnering attention from all over the world for pushing the boundaries of publicising gay sex. He would then be sponsored by international underwear brand, Andrew Christian. He has also been the face of Melbourne based underwear brand, Butch Underwear. 


"I like to write about real life things: experiences that everyone has, but sometimes don't have a means to express. I find great songs maintain a balance of being unique and relatable all at the same time and when people hear this, a connection is made. I strive to have people connect through my music, whether it be with me or with one another" - TIN

TIN is an Australian pop singer songwriter. His hook-ridden songs catch the vibes of Justin Bieber meets Troye Sivan in a blend of Emotional and sexual expression.